Nomadelfia, a Hippie Catholic community.Live outside the world is possible. Between the mountains of Tuscany, in Italy, there is a village hippie Catholic whose inhabitants have created a community with a counterculture or rather its own culture and vision of the world and life. As the flower children, the Nomadelfia children (call themselves so) live […]

Aurora, is a girl who wants to live as carefree all girls her age. Aurora has been bullied and violence by residents of his neighborhood because her documents say that is still called Federico. Aurora takes hormones every day and will undergo a number of operations to be recognized woman in all respects. Only after

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In one of the many suburbs of Rome there is an apartment run by a nonprofit organization, which deals with host foreign minors not accompanied by their parents arrived in Italy after facing many hardships. At the moment there are eight boys hosted. Kristjan, Fahri, Elazab, Mahmud Gebril, Mohamed, Ahmed and Imran live with workers

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Alessandro and Aurora are two guys in love. Her documents say that is still called Federico, he is still Alice. Their families have accepted their new identity, at first hidden and now finally coming out. This young couple living a long distance love, made of tears, kisses, caresses, promises, just like any other couple their

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Roberta and Giampiero were family friends. They were both men. Roberta about 15 years ago made a series of speeches and became a woman. Jan Piero has separated from his wife and asked her to marry him. Now living happily in a small house on the outskirts of Rome with their two dogs. Their grandchildren

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