Nomadelfia, a Hippie Catholic community.
Live outside the world is possible. Between the mountains of Tuscany, in Italy, there is a village hippie Catholic whose inhabitants have created a community with a counterculture or rather its own culture and vision of the world and life. As the flower children, the Nomadelfia children (call themselves so) live by the laws of the gospel. They are self-sufficient on most issues. They build their homes, their furniture, clothes, produce most of the food they consume. It relies on Providence for everything else. They live in peace within family groups consisting of 25-30 people, their lunch and dinner together, watch TV in the evening only and only for the channels permitted by the board of Nomadelfia. They have internet only in offices to communicate with the outside world. Everyone has a job but not paid. Money does not circulate in Nomadelfia. Each family group has its own vegetable garden, has anyone involved in cooking, doing laundry, doing heavy work. All collaborate. Children (often in foster care) go to school within the village, the mothers are the first of their teachers. For high schools, there are retired teachers or volunteers who lend themselves to prepare children for exams that will Nomadelfia outside. To become officially son Nomadelfia must make a path and a trial period before being accepted by the community. Nomadelfia exists since 1947 thanks to the idea of a young visionary who later became Don Zeno.